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Individually Handcrafted Custom Designer Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Clothing and Swimwear
Made in the U.S.A.
- Since 1992

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Eco-friendly latex-free hypoallergenic organic hemp and organic hemp/organic cotton blend clothing and swimwear ---
available in over 100 unique color and fabric selections.

Hemp is the longest lasting, most durable fabric on Mother Earth... and it's allergy friendly!

--- All our hemp clothing and swimwear are custom handcrafted in the U.S.A. to your specification. ---

hemp bikinis, hemp one piece swimwear and hemp clothing made in America.
... Made in the U S A ...

'Make the most of the Indian hemp seed,and sow it everywhere!' - George Washington

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All merchandise is custom made to your specification
and shipped United States Postal Service Priority Mail
within two weeks of the date your order is placed with us

-- Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Clothing.
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Eco-Friendly Organic Hemp Clothing. ---

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