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    Custom handrcrafted women's organic clothing and organic swimwear in allergy free and Eco-Friendly organic fabrics, made in the USA.    
Certified Organic Clothing and Swimwear.
Hypoallergenic Eco-Friendly organic Clothing and Swimwear.
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   Here are reviews from verified customers   

   Thank you so much for my suit! It is a work of art.
   You've lined the fabric pattern up beautifully.
   I love how the back looks with the horizontal-look top and the vertical drape.
   It fits perfectly!
   Lisa B.
   New York, NY

   Dear Hemp Huggers,
   My hemp bikini arrived today
   I am absolutely delighted with it!
   So much nicer to wear than yukky polyester -
   feels really soft and the style and cut are amazing.
   As a larger lady, im extremely comfortable with my body.
   but almost all swimwear is designed to conceal and disguise.
   This swimwear really celebrates my curvaceous nature,
   whilst embracing a real love and empathy with our beautiful planet.
   Well done all round hemp huggers!
   You have stepped up to fill a gap
   for larger ladies who are environmentally conscious.
   I love it xxxx
   Thanks again
    Clair F.
    New Zealand

   Oh I'm so excited!! I got my package today.
   I modeled everything for my husband and he was very pleased too!!
   Everything fits great!
   Thank you soooo MUCH. I love everything !!
   Denise M.
   Boca Raton, FL

   Just got my bikini.
   High quality, lined, well-made, fits perfect.
   Way beyond my expectations. Worth every penny!
   Marybeth G.
   Houston, TX

   Hello: I just received my new bathing suit today and let me tell you,
   I think it is a quality garment!!
   It's such a pleasure to be happily surprised for a change.
   You have made yourself a new friend and customer!
   I am sure we will do business again. THANK YOU HEMP HUGGERS!!!
   Linda Z
   Brockton, MA

   Dear Hemp Huggers,
   I tried it on and the whole suit fits and looks great. Thanks so much for your quick response.   
   I love the fact that I can just order my suits from you, avoiding endless hours of shopping.
   until next time,
   Audree C
   Van Nuys, CA

   Dear Hemp Huggers,
   Wow! Your customer service is fantastic! Thank you so, so much for all your help!
   I'll never buy another swim suit in a store. Thanks again!
   The workmanship is also top quality and I am so pleased.
   Sara A
    Healdsburg, CA

   Hello: Just a little thank you note to say all is well with the new bikini,
   it's even sexier than I had hoped.
   You people truly make a quality product that I love to wear!
   Thank's again!!
   N.Z. MA

   Received my swimwear today. Thanks, they're great!!
   Yvette B
   Clarenza Australia

   THAT is the COOLEST bikini I've EVER HAD! Thanks so much, guys!!!!!!!!!!!
   Valarie G
   Horace, ND

   I received my swim suit today ! Thank you so much.
   I am so please with the quality of the suit and the quick service given to my order !!
   ... will definitely order again in the future !
   Barbara D
   Atlantic Beach, FL

   Well, wow!!
   I'm knocked out by the sarong and the bracelet.
   Many thanks!
   It was extra special to get something so beautiful... I LOVE IT!
   Charlie D
   Buckinghamshire, UK

   The swimsuit arrived and it's perfect. So soft and comfortable.
   Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!
   Kind Regards,
   Victoria, Australia

   My parcel just arrived!!! I can't believe it!!
   They fit beautifully and look great.
   Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly.
   I am so relieved to be able to swim comfortably while I am away.
   I am very grateful to you.
   Nanette N
   Queensland, Australia

   I just received my bikini. it fits me perfectly!!
   I absolutely love it! Thank you so much!!!
   Jacquelyn A
   Bishop, CA

   Thanks so much!!
   You guys have been wonderful to work with :)
   Anna M
   Beverly Hill, CA

   I ordered a swimsuit from you three weeks ago and just love it.
   If I order another one, when is the soonest I can get it?
   I am leaving to go on vacation on January 21st.
   Lisa P
   Henderson, TX

'Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!' - George Washington

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  Hypoallergenic Eco-Friendly Women's Clothing and Swimwear.
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